Energy Skate Park and data collection - Part 3/3

Experimental Procedures


This cycle of labs was presented at three different points in the NSCI 105 (Physical Science) online offering at Tusculum College in Spring 2018. The first was a “classroom” exercise and problem set early in the course (what we called an “interactive reading”) on force and gravity. The second was a “video lab” that took the simulation and asked the student to recreate and record it live, with only household items. The third was a “virtual lab” that asked the student to run the simulation and recognize the difference between the ideal and the real, and identify how the behavior of the skater over time could be represented graphically.

Because this was the pilot of the online NSCI 105 section, I actually went a bit meta in the third assignment (after students had used simulators in multiple other exercises) and asked the students for a bit of honest feedback. The responses I got back were fascinating.

All three parts were delivered over the Moodle learning management system.