Online Lab Science - OLCInnovate 2018

How do laboratory exercises, and the expectations associated with them, translate into online learning environments? This question and associated solutions will be the focus of our session. Specifically, we’ll host discussion on the viability of online lab science curriculum exploring practical examples and potential answers for instructors.

This conversation is critical for us as educators. Rather than relying on publishers to pursue the topic, we should be actively involved in shaping laboratory science in our online classrooms. Between simulations, virtual labs, experiment kits, DIY home experiments, there are many learning opportunities to pursue. The viability of these mediums is another question altogether.

At the end of the day, we believe there are pros and cons to both the online laboratory science space just as there are with the traditional laboratory environment. Join us as we explore!

How Do I Use This Website?

There are three main sections of content on this website:
  • Lessons - A collection of online science investigations you could use in your classroom right now.
  • Discussion - Some of the questions that will drive the discussion of our session. Also a space to showcase #OnlineLabSci.
  • Resources - Links to examples, ideas, and building tools for online lab science. Also a form to submit resources you know to this website.